cannot resize styles manager

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Scribus 1.5, which I'm using because I need PDF/X-1a. Print proof needs adjusting which I need to change in paragraph styles. However, the styles manager box is too tall for my computer screen. I cannot see the bottom of the box to apply changes. There is no scroll bar to get there. I cannot find anything in preferences to adjust the size of the dialog box. Any suggestions?

EDIT: Here's why I need to change it (just figured this out). In 1.4 I had linespacing in a particular paragraph style in set to automatic. In 1.5, it is fixed at 15 points. I need to change it to like it is in 1.4 because it prints out incorrectly at fixed. But the "apply" and "done" buttons are off the bottom of the screen and I cannot get to them. Please help.