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Hey guys!

I'm new to Scribus and have problems with creating a double-sided document. The printing company tells me I should have a 3mm bleeding edge on all four sides of each page.

So, I set up my documents as:

Double Sided, A5, Landscape
First page is right page
Margin Guides: 1,2cm (Inside), 1,5cm (Other Sides)
Bleed:  0,3cm (for all sides: Inside, Outside, Top, Bottom)

In the first attached image you can see the empty Document double-sheet. Can you tell me what the 2 vertical black lines in the center mean? Which one is the center of the document (the right one, I guess) and what about the bleeding guides?

I want to have a picture covering the whole left site (to the edge), so I let the image stretch to the right one of the two vertical lines (see the second attachment). However, if I export the document as a pdf, the image is cut into two and one part ends up on the right page. Between those two parts some white space is inserted (see attachment 3).

I export the document as PDF 1.4 and set the Bleed Setting (within the Pre-Press category) to "Use Document Bleeds".

My question is, how do I set the document up to have a double sided layout with the appropriate bleeding edges?

Thanks in advance!


BTW: I am working on OS X 10.10.5.

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hi sepfie

if you really need bleeds on the inside edge of the pages, you should define a gap of twice the bleed width. ('document setup' → 'display' → 'general' → 'gap between pages' → 'horizontal')



Hi utnik,

this works great!
I haven't seen the display section and assumed that setting the bleed for the "Inside" edge would give the expected result.

Now everything looks fine in the resulting pdf :) Thank you very much!