text disappears in PDF export

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I have a two page scribus with linked text frames. The second text frame has overflow as I haven't set up the remaining pages.

When I export to PDF, I get an error message about text overflow on the second page. I click ignore errors, export, open up the file and the text from the linked frames is gone.

Am I supposed to make sure there is no overflow before exporting to PDF??


Looks like I was using a font that is blocked from PDF for licensing reasons. Discovered in other apps that I get an error message about licensing restrictions, but not in Scribus. Might be good to add that error message in.


Scribus doesn't issue warnings, but it's shown in the font settings (font not flagged as embeddable) and you would probably have noticed that the font didn't embed. I think the pre-flight verifier also can be made to warn about fonts not embedded.


penteramic, you can use Jluc's script if you're on Linux to help you see this.