master page infos change layout after including a full page picture

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Hello forum users,
I would be very happy to find help here.
I am currently working on the layout of a magazine. I created some master pages. Many pages do have different pictures as backgrounds. I did not include them to the master page, as I am layouting every article with a different background. This is my problem:
The master page infos (like magazine title and page numbers) are invisible when I include a picture. In a tutorial I found the solution to go to the master page editing, copy the elements and include them again onto the page (in the normal mode and not in the editing mode of the master pages). The informations are shown BUT: the layout totally changes. (See screenshot)
I tried to send the picture to the background but nothing changed.
Any ideas?
Thank you!
ps: I am working with Scribus 1.4.4

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This is a known problem: Items on Master Pages are always behind items on the page.

If you want an easier way to insert title and page number on each page, have a look at the scrapbook. You would just have to double click the scrapbook entry once for each page.


hey. thank you for your answer.
this method is way easier - great!

but: it is not the solution for my problem: the layout of the header/footer changes. (see screenshot) why is that? any ideas/help/suggestions?
thank you!


i guess that you have to taker care that you put elements from the left master page to the left page and from the right master page to the right pages...

if you "cover" most pages, you might want avoid putting the elements on the master page, only put guides on there (for better placement) and put the items (grouped?) into the scrapbook (double clicking the scrapbook item will place it at the original place)

good luck!


thank you a.l.e., this is definitely a good hint - my left and right master pages are getting mixed up all the time (because in the pages overview i cant see which master i am using. i'll try that out.

and i found the mistake i made in this particular example: the layer with all of my master page elements was in the mode of "multiply negatively" (sorry, this is a translation, hope the english version of scribus uses a similar term)
i diont know how and when i changed that - but now i could finally fix this.

thanks for your help!