Fit text to a shape?

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Donny Bahama

I'd like to create a text frame in a freeform shape (for example, a football or a hot air balloon) and have the text inside conform to that shape. Is this possible? I tried creating a text frame, then converting it to a polygon, then adding nodes and dragging them to create the shape I wanted. That did create the shape, but my text didn't conform to its boundaries. I tried converting it back to a text frame, but doing so crashed Scribus. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


hi donny

as far i can tell, you're doing the right thing...

you can efit the shape of a text frame without converting it first to a shape...

and, as far as i know, converting back and forth should work...

so: what you want to do does work in scribus!


ah, and for your specific case, i would go to get the shape you're looking for in svg, open and simplify it in inkscape (if needed), finally import it in scribus and convert it to a text frame...

Donny Bahama

Thank you for the response, a.l.e.! The shape I'll actually be using is fairly unique, so I don't think the openclipart route will work for me, but how can I edit the shape of a text frame? I don't seem to be able to bring up the add/edit nodes dialog for a text frame.

Donny Bahama

I tried again, converting the text frame to a polygon, adding/editing nodes until I got the shape I wanted, then converting back to a text frame. It worked, BUT... In case anyone else struggles with this and happens upon this thread... Once you've converted back to a text frame and you double-click within it, the cursor may appear outside the shape initially - but once you start typing, your text should be inside the shape.


correct: for the shapes you can double click on the border!

for text and image frames (and other types of items) you have to open the (windows > ) properties palette (F2), go to the "shape" and click on the "Edit" button.

have fun!