Does Scribus produce a better PDF for print?

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It might seem a silly question, but I want my book to look good, so Im asking anyway.

I have produced a 100-page book including text, images and color, desk-top published it on Pagemaker 6.5, and am ready to save it (via Pagemaker) to pdf.  After that, I hope to take it to a commercial printer to get the job done.  I have heard that pdfs can vary in quality and that is what I wish to check out.

Rebuilding the book in Scribus is no small task, but I will bite bullet and do so if the quality is better.  Any opinions/comments?
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I never used Adobe´s "Pagemaker" because I try to use open source programms only and scribus fulfills most of my needs for printing.
But for sure I can say that of all open source solutions the PDF-export-functionality of scribus is the best, if your intention is printing something out in a professional way. So you will probably not miss anything.

As PDF is Adobe´s invention, it probably will be somehow slightly more advanced implemented in Pagemaker in one way or the other, and if you allready have created your document in Pagemaker, there will be no reason not to use it´s PDF-export function, as far as I can think.

In my opinion it is more important to make sure that the right settings (color profiles, intentions,...) are selected than to worry about if Pagemaker´s or Scribus´ PDF-Export function will give you the better result.

But maybe somebody who uses "Pagemaker" too can give you a direct comparison.