How to layer text inside an existing image

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My latest tutorial is a good one for people who like to experiment. It shows how you can layer text "inside" an existing image to create a nice effect. I hope you like it and I'd be interested in seeing what other people can create with the same technique.

You can find the tutorial here:

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Thanks a lot! ;D
I never did it like this but used Gimp to cut out the layered pictures...
Your way is much more convenient.


You're welcome.

I'd generally recommend using GIMP to cut out bits of photos - either by using clipping paths and/or layer masks, depending on what looks best for the image - but this technique is good for quickly getting a feel for how the finished result will look before taking the time to do it "properly".

Also, some people aren't comfortable with using something like GIMP so this technique gives them the chance to use the effect without learning a new bit of software.

On a related note, if anyone reading this is curious about clipping paths they can find a tutorial here:

Cheers, Garry.