Looking for tutorial or free blank template for printing letter-size booklet

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I am looking for tutorial or free blank template for printing booklet for printing on letter-sized paper w/each page being 8.5" x 11" but so far I have only found a tabloid-sized template but I have trouble figuring out how to change to the dimensions that I want. I'm using the latest version available for Linux which is v 1.4.3.


For booklet printing, don't use Scribus. Use Scribus to create a PDF and the use another tool to make the booklet.



As Nermander has said I use Scribus for creating a PDF then I use an excellent free tool Called 'Bookbinder' which then converts into a booklet format for me.

If you look at the link Nermander posted it is under the section 'Multiplatform' it is the 3rd option.
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Hi ChrisD2000, imposition 101 setup for a book that is bound in the middle such as staples or on the left side such as wire-o.

1) Number of pages must be divisible by four (4).
2) Two pages side by side = 1 spread.
3) Always start page one (1) on the right side of the first spread.
4) Alternate odd page numbers right –> left going down the spreads starting with page 1 until you get to the last spread (middle of the book), then reverse the process with even numbers left –> right and go back up until the last page is opposite page 1.

20 page layout example:

20 | 01
02 | 19
18 | 03
04 | 17
16 | 05
06 | 15
14 | 07
08 | 13
12 | 09
10 | 11

Hope this helps. 8 page booklet layout attached to have a visual idea of what is happening.


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