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Hi folks,

i'm running for a problem und do not figure out, what's wrong:

When checking an option-box "OBJ1_Nein" i want to hide  "OBJ2_GRP", constisting of "OBJ2_Ja" and "OBJ2_NEIN". I try to do this by this snippet of code:

this.getField("OBJ1_Ja").value = "Off" ;
this.getField("OBJ1_Nein").value = "ON";

this.getField("OBJ2_Ja").readonly = false;
this.getField("OBJ2_Ja").value = false;
this.getField("OBJ2_Ja").readonly = true;
this.getField("OBJ2_Nein").readonly = false;
this.getField("OBJ2_Nein").value = false;
this.getField("OBJ2_Nein").readonly = true;

this.getField("OBJ2_GRP").display = display.hidden;
this.getField("OBJ2_JA").display = display.hidden;

What's wrong? Neither "OBJ2_GRP" nor "OBJ2_JA" disappears.
I'm new to scribus and not very familiar with javascript.

Does anyone know a solution.