Pages side by side ... how to get them stacked?

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Geoff Russell

First post ... sorry if it's "obvious".

I create a new 3-fold A4 landscape document with 2 pages and the pages are displayed next to one another.  But if I
load a tri-fold brochure template, they are vertical ... which seems nicer. How do I get the pages laid out
in a single column?

Many thanks,


The answer needs a bit of explanation.

In Scribus, documents are always created "page by page", but for many layouts you would like to see a "preview" of what the final product will look.

That's what you choose when you chose between single, facing, tri-fold etc for a document: How shall Scribus place the pages on screen when you are working with the document.

Unfortunately Scribus only has a limited set of ways to display a document, but I know there have been requests for a feature allowing the user to place pages in an arbitrary pattern on screen (possibly using drag and drop).

In your case I think you can get what you want by choosing Single page layout.