PDF is larger than Scribus Document HELP!!!!

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I have created a document in Scribus with the following specs:
Document Size 8.625" by 11.25"
Bleeds (trim line) .125" all the way around - so .125" in from the edge of my document
However when I export to PDF/X-3 (which is what I need for the printer) the actual PDF is almost and entire inch larger than my original document specifications.  Why is my PDF so much larger than the document I created in Scribus? Please help I am desperate to figure this out and send the document to the printer!!


hi estiehler

did you check some of the printer marks in the .pdf export dialog?
all this marks will need some space outside of the bleed box...



Hi estiehler,

I think you misunderstand how the bleeds work in Scribus. the bleed is added to your document dimensions, so 8.25" + .125" on each side & 11.25" + .125" top & bottom.


You need to understand how the box model in PDF works, as GordCaswell writes, bleed, crop marks, trim marks etc are added outside the page region.