RGB printer profiles

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I have an Epson Stylus Photo R2400 with which I do a lot of printing, mostly by generating tiff output from my applications and then using PhotoPrint
to drive the printer. I generate my own printer profiles using an instrument (ColorMunki) and the Argyll software.
(These are RGB profiles, because when you run the printer under CUPS it appears as an RGB printer).
This works pretty well. I have been experimenting with Scribus
to see if I can print directly, but I can't get started, because Scribus can't see my profiles. There are odd hints on the forum that Scribus can only see CMYK
printer profiles. Is this true? It seems to be true, because the only printer profiles I can see in the profile dialogue are CMYK profiles. And, if it is true,
is anyone planning to do anything about it?

System: Ubuntu 14.04 Scribus: both the scribus Ubuntu package (1.4.2) and the scribus-trunk Ubuntu package (1.5.0)