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Hi all

I am new on here.  I have just downloaded Scribus Publishing plus v1.4.3.

I have tried downloading GIMP and GHOSTSCRIPT from various websites and there have been viruses or hacking tools attached to the downloads, hence I have had to remove the software.

Can anyone provide me with safe websites where I can download GIMP and GHOSTSCRIPT?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


hi ruffy
btw. where did you search for scribus? – the official page doesn't list any 'scribus publishing plus' versions...



In addition to utnik's answer, if you have a Mac you can use MacPorts - - to install stable versions of Scribus, GIMP and GhostScript (amongst many other applications and tools).

MacPorts loads source code from a trusted source then compiles and installs it on your machine so you're pretty much guaranteed not to get any viruses or other malware attached. (And MacPorts handles all the tricky dependencies too so you get everything you need without scrabbling around for stuff you've missed.)

You do need a bit of technical knowledge and XCode installed - it's on your OSX installation DVD, if you have one - to use MacPorts but there's a lot of good documentation and once you've got it up-and-running it's easy to install other software and get updates.

P.S. Most Linux distros also have something similar called "package managers" but they're different for each flavour of Linux - e.g. Synaptic for Ubuntu, YaST for SUSE, etc. etc. (I've no idea if Windows has anything similar.)


FYI, As an alternative to MacPorts you can also compile with Homebrew (another OSX package manager). The following will compile the bleeding edge development build (1.5.0 which is still in development)