Translation from English to French of the doc (Readme, Index,…)

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Dear Scribus community,

A project from my school (Ionis-STM, France), gave me the opportunity to help an open source project and I chose Scribus. So there is a translation from English to French of the Welcome, Readme, Index and Basics documents.

Good day,

Pascal Jourdan
Thomas Ollari



Hello Kiupel,

thanks for this work.

I'm no expert, but it seems legal mentions are required to make best use of any shared ressource = these translations have to be licenced with a licence as GFDL or CC or GPL that enables them to be included with scribus code or sites or doc. GPL2+ seems the most appropriate for code, but it might require GFDL for documents... Best might be 'Public Domain' since it would enable to be used with no restrictions. What is the licence specified for the original documents ?
Can you please state that your translation is public domain or of the same type as the translated document ?