Feature Request: Link Forums with IRC via RSS-IRC bot

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Not sure is this is already available. Was wondering if mrscribe' on #scribus has this capability. This would possibly facilitate a little more interaction on the forums and also higher resolution rate for pending open questions.


hi kunda,

i'm not sure that increasing the number of automatic posts to the irc channel is a good idea... most of all because: if you're interested in reading/spreading all the information about scribus, an aggregator seems to be the better solution :-)

and you already stumbled on traces of the unofficial aggregator i've created with manuel... and it's online!


and aggregates threads from different sources.

i'm open to patches and new ideas for it (but may have too little time to implement them, if they are complex...)

have a nice day


Very cool, I really like the design. I am still new at using github, maybe this will be an opportnity to contribute to this effort and learn simultaneously how to a pull request or whatever it's called.