English UK vs English USA Spell Check

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I have all my paragraph styles set to English.  I have the master preferences set to English USA.  When I use spell check with the story editor, the system always picks English UK ( I don't want to have my entire document using Colour instead of Color, GRIN) and does not allow me to use English USA.  If I pick that option within the spell checker it goes back to English UK.

I have tried removing all the competing English Dictionaries out of the spell checker path.  That trick does not work as when I use the spell checker, it comes back spell check complete.

Any ideas?  I consider this a serious useability bug.


A little late, but I have a workaround.
I had the same problem, I could not get Scribus to use the English (USA) dictionary.

1 Removing the English (UK) dictionary meant I had no dictionary at all.

So I renamed the English (UK) file so I could get it back if necessary.
Then I renamed the English (USA) file to the name the English (UK) dictionary used.



hi rick

did you tell this to the developers on the bug tracker?