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my feature suggestion is to add shadows on picture frames

I'd agree that Scribus could benefit from extra frame decoration options, such as shadows as suggested by wodga.

Just to get slightly off-topic for a tiny bit, but hopefully to explain what other decorations might be useful, they could be:
* To be able to specify which parts of a frame outline have the line colour/style attached. (Obviously not easy for circles and such but useful for rectangles.)
* For the edge of the image to fade to a given colour over a given distance. So it looks like it's melting into the background, if you get what I mean.

I'll admit that they're probably not very useful for people doing professional and serious work but for the sort of stuff I do it would be ideal to have some extra "jazz" for not much extra work on my part.

Anyway, back to the shadows.

I've tried to create shadows for frames using other Scribus things, such as gradient-filled polygons, but the results have not been very successful/pretty.

I've also looked at using the techniques shown in but it can be a bit time consuming to process this for multiple images.

I hope that something like this is added soon, although I can't see anything about it in the Wiki roadmap for 1.5.x. Fingers crossed for 1.6!

In the meantime, for Mac owners, you might want to have a look at "Thumbscrew" ( It's a great little free application where you can just drop an image file onto its window and it'll make a thumbnail copy of the image with a shadow on it automatically. It can also handle batch processing on whole folders of images and it's got various options for image size, rotations, shadow size, etc. It's small, quick and really simple to use.

I don't know if an equivalent exists for Windows/Linux etc. but maybe someone can post a suggestion here.

Make the Pic in the correct size incl your shadow in Gimp and then import it.

I think the developpers have more important features to develop, instead of something witch another programm can do better.

And in any case, you should write a «Feature Request» on the appropriate Site:

Good luck.

I accidentally found a very quick and easy way to make a drop shadow round a Scribus image frame. It is only suitable for rectangular images. I've attached a screenshot of an example.
All you do is .....

(1) Create an empty Image Frame exactly the same size as the frame containing the image which you want to attach a shadow to. (you can get the frame size from the X,Y,Z section of the properties palette)
(2) Click on the empty frame, select 'Colour' in the Properties palette, and fill with a medium grey colour.
(3) Position your image on top of the grey frame, but slightly offset to the side and the top.
(4) Group both frames.
(5) Voila!


--- Quote from: loggerjack on March 07, 2014, 11:07:23 pm ---…It is only suitable for rectangular images.
--- End quote ---

why should this only work for ractangles? – just duplicate your frame…



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