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I am using xubuntu 20.04 and scribus 1.5.5
I need to type " sinhala" unicode characters at scribus. I can see previously typed (not with this system but linux mint19.3 scribus 1.5.5 appimage ) unicode text. but I can't type. When I   I type characters, they are shown in English characters. I don't think there is a problem input methods. As it works perfectly on libreoffice and gimp.
I tried changing language of document, change font at story editor, making a style and apply that, change display font at story editor etc
I can still add sinhala characters using glyph and copied text from libreoffice
Please help me

hi ikail95

are you sure that the used font contains those glyphs?
libreoffice may take missing characters from another font, but scribus doesn't cheat…


Yes. Glyph shows for the font. I can add the characters from glyph. But I can't type characters as they are. They are shown as English characters

And what happens when you type the characters in t he frame itself?

Thank you for replying  ;D

I have attached a image which contains all the observations I've made.


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