Author Topic: taking my work from inkscape to scribus is not working so well  (Read 84 times)


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I have produced some nice product sheets in inkscape. My goal is to bring them together into nice stylised product book in scribus.
I tried to use File>Import>Get vector file
For some reason I cannot find, all texts and some of the shapes in the .svg are not imported
I tried .eps and .ps with the same results

Then I tried the raster options with PNG and then finally with PDF.
These always turn out fuzzy and pixilated. If I pump up the resolution of the raster export, the resulting PDF exported from scibus ends up enormous

I am aware that what I see on the screen may not be at a high resolution though I have "select view image quality" to high.
But I rest on the resulting PDF export and its quality as the final check.

The page I am trying to import is a text rich page with many text boxes.

I really hope I can solve this problem.
A few years ago I created some really nice product booklets for my business and I had a blast creating them.
I look very much forward again to play with scribus

I hope someone can guide me