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Gutter around image for text to flow

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I am new to Scribus and I am trying to flow text around my images.

What I can't seem to do is add a gutter or border - the text is jammed up against the images - see #1 in attached screengrab.

I tried adding a fat white border, but the border does not count as a gutter. The text just butts up against the image anyway, hidden underneath the border. See #2.

Currently, my only option is to make the frame larger than the picture - as in #3. But I'm pretty certain that's not how it's supposed to be done.


hi dave

select the image, open the 'form' tab of the 'properties' palette and check 'use contour line'. under 'edit' in the same tab you can expand the contour line to your needs. (check 'edit contour line'), otherwise you'll edit the image frame…


Sorry, there is no 'form' tab under properties. See screenshot in post 1. I am using Scribus v1.4.8 in Windows.
I did find 'Shape' with an edit button which brings up the nodes dialogue.

Near the bottom there's an 'Edit Contour Line' ticky box which lets me play with the nodes all I want - but it has no effect on the border around the image. See attached screenshot.

I will keep playing with it.

OK, in my s/w it's called Shape. I am using Scribus v1.4.8 in Windows.

OK, playing around with it a bit I got it to do the expected thing.

(Though, frankly, this seems like a lot of drilling down and manual configuration for such a super common - if not default - design feature.)

Thank you!

you're right, it's 'shape'.
i mixed up different ui languages – sorry!



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