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It seems to become slow when editing (but preview mode is faster)


Hi there,

I am designing a very short (4 pages) booklet but as using some boxes with shadows etc I could see the editing mode becomes quite slow (mainly when scrolling or doing zoom out or in), but it gets normal when in preview mode.

PS: I was trying to report this as an issue in the bug platform but did not manage at all to open a ticked there.. (?) my doubt on how to use hte bugs report platform would go beyond this particular report (in order to know how to use it .. )
cheers to all developers and moderators

hi enzo

the performance issues with the drop shadows are well known...
no need to fill a ticket for this.

and for help on opening a ticket in mantis, can i suggest you to open a separate thread so that future readers find it more easily? that's an "unsolved" topic that comes up again and again...


Thanks for your reply Ale, ok I will try my best on opening another topic on the mantis thing.. (not so expert on bugs platforms though... just foudn not easy to open a ticked there, but I will follow your suggestion then .. ;)
thanks a lot and cheers

no, i was suggesting to open a new thread in the forums where you ask how to open an account in mantis...

this thread is about the speed of rendering when drop shadows are in use...


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