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Imported image grainy in Scribus and on export to pdf

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Hi There,

I am new to Scribus. I imported an svg into scribus so I could convert it to cmyk. I used cyan.exe to convert my image from rgb to cmyk as well.

When I add an image box and get the image it appears fine in the preview but once it is placed into the image box it is all distorted and it is the same when exported to pdf.

What am I doing wrong.

I have attached a screen shot of what it looks like in the preview and in the image box for refernece

Thanks for the help

notice how zoomed in you are, select "fit image to frame", you may also have display "Image Preview Quality" set low to save memory

Thank you for the reply. Things have taken a turn for the worse  :). I add an image frame, get image, select image, click ok, Scribus crashes everytime

Any ideas?

as far as i know lading svgs in images frame is not supported. but, i've tried it right now and it indeed does something.

i fear that it's just loading a preview contained in the svg itself...

i also have no idea what your cmyk.exe does... and i've never heard of somebody converting the svg before importing it into scribus.

have you tried to import it as vector (file > import > get vector file) and then correctly setup scribus for the cmyk pdf output?


Sorry I should have been more clear. The image I am trying to import into the image frame is an cmyk tiff file.


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