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Image Properties Dialogue Box not working


Scribus 1.4.7. Downloaded last week. Going through the YouTube tutorials (thanks). Want to adjust an image within an image frame. Right click on image, select properties, click on it but no dialogue box appears. When right clicking to try again, note that 'Properties' now has a tick next to it. Any advise welcomed. (Windows 7 Professional 64-bit)

The usual cause for problems like these I think is that the dialogue box is outside the screen, but I don't remember the best solution to bring it back on screen.

This can happen if you for example have been using different screen resolutions or alternating between using one or two monitors. Scribus remembers tha last position of every window, even if that position is outside the current visible space.

Thanks ever so much as you have resolved my issue. Feel really foolish (because I was) not realising that my dual screen with different monitors was the reason. Thanks again.


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