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Master pages do not appear in dropdown list


Hello. I am new to Scribus but i am slowly getting the hang of it. I set up a page with some design and I saved it as a Master page (called it Master Page 1). Then I made some changes to it and I saved it as another Master Page (Master Page 2). When I start a new project I try to apply Master Page 2 but I only see Master Page 1 in the dropdown list. Why?

Are you creating the second new project using "save as" command or are you just choosing File–>New?


I do File>New.
Basically, I have several documents that I need to create and they all need to be separate files. But they all should have the same background design to show consistency. So I created the background design and added my logo and made it a master page.
So, how should I start a new document so that the master page design is already there?

the best you can do is probably to import the master pages from the "master file".

just go into master page mode and click -- in the dialog wtth the list of master pages --  click on the button for importing the master pages.

you could also create a template, but i'm not sure it's worth the hassle.


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