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Scribus not recognizing newly installed fonts

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Thanks for the suggestion. But that didn't work. I downloaded  the Google version  of  EB Garamond directly from the Google Fonts site, and Scribus still can't find it.  Unless you or someone else on the forum can find a solution, i may have to uninstall and reinstall Scribus to see if that works.  As I said originally, it appears that Scribus can  recognizes fonts that existed in the Windows Folder prior to the original installation, no matter where I downloaded them from but nothing new.  It may be a bug of some kind


I figured out a workaround.
You have to add the top Scribus/share/fonts folder in the add fonts
Then you copy the fonts you want from the  Windows/Fonts folder or if have downloaded them to a download folder then copy to the /share/fonts folder
All but one of the fonts I needed are now working in Scribus.

But it is clear to me that there is a bug since no new fonts are recognized  in the Windows/Folder


I will have to remember that font location for Scribus for future problems.  I am not sure it is a bug since I was not able to reproduce the problem, maybe someone else can try.  You never mentioned which version of Scribus you are using as I did my testing in 1.5.4.  If you are using 1.4.7 I will have to run the testing over again to verify.


I am using 1.4.7


I avoid putting fonts in the system fonts. I make a separate directory for them, and point  Scribus to that. that way i am not cluttering up the system font folder with fonts for DTP work.


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