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Resizing Images inside Image Frame by Mouse ?

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hi community

Is it somehow possible to resize an Image inside its frame by using the mouse (like in Adobe Indesign)? I don't want to change the framesize and I don't want to scale it by some numeric factor. I know there is the option to adjust frame to image and vice-versa, but thats also not, what i need.

It seems possible to rotate it with the mouse and shift , but not to resize it - which is IMHO very much more useful than rotation.  ::)

I do have the exact same question and would be soo happy this would work!

I must say I'm absolutely new in scribus after having worked with indesign for years...

how do you experienced users deal with this issue?

Greetings -

use image properties to scale images inside frames, it's all there.

Hi RodneyLee
Thank you for your reply.
I guess we would like to do that with the mouse, being able to grap the corners or sides of the image! (instead of having to play with the percentages...)

or do I do something wrong?

you cannot yet do that, no.

but using the mouse wheel on the scaling fields is not quite playing with percentages... you can try it out...


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