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How to set first page left in PDF?


For an assignment I need to create a dual page pdf, with two pages side by side. Using Scribus (Linux, Debian) I can set the first page to be on the left in Scribus, but as soon as I export to pdf, and open in a document viewer, the first page will appear on the right. Is there a way to force the first page to display on the left? Either through Scribus, or by altering the PDF once it has been exported? I also have Windows ten on dual boot in case there is a windows only solution.

when you export to pdf, in the "viewer" tab you can set your wishes...

it's -- then -- up to the viewer to respect them or not...

Hi Zachary371,

When you create the document, do you create it with single pages or facing pages option? This will let me choose which solution do give to you unless a.l.e. solution worked for you.



zachary's original post is spam.

it's a verbatim copy of a two and a half years old post from stackoverflow.

today i've deleted another similar thread.
in this case i will delete the account of the poster, but leave around the thread... since it has two somehow useful replies.


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