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Today I began printing our church bulletins. For some reason, the font used on the cover is not producing correctly. (I've got examples, but I can't remember how to post them on here.) I thought the problem was all the adjustments I made to the font was the problem, so I brought everything back to normal size and spacing, so I brought everything back to the original settings, and printed again. the font issues were the same. So I decided to just use a different font. But again, it had the same issues. Does anyone have a clue what the problem could be?

The image above is what the cover should look like. As you see, it printed out fine when I printed it as it's own Scribus document. But once added back to the bulletin, it looked blockish and U couldn't read the text at all. So after figuring it was the font, so I picked another one (and made no size adjustments. And THIS was the result (see image below). Can U help?

hi whyz

your posts are always a bit confusing, as i never know exactly what you're doing.
to track down the problem, i need more infos:
- what you mean by

--- Quote from: WHYz on October 06, 2018, 12:16:00 am ---…it printed out fine when I printed it as it's own Scribus document.
--- End quote ---

- are you printing direct from scribus?
- is the first screenshot from the .sla file and the second from the .pdf?
- are the fonts embedded in the .pdf file?


Both of those shots are pdf's. I'm sorry that U have problems understanding me. But in any case, suddenly Scribus allowed me tostart  editing my work. That is why I forgot to come back to this site to discover if anyone knew why Scribus would seemingly lock up my text and image frames (when none of those frames were set as locked).

Thanks so much, though.


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