Author Topic: PDF doesn't open properly  (Read 14 times)


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PDF doesn't open properly
« on: Today at 02:12:17 am »
Hi there!

Apologies if this is a stupid/noob question, and/or if it's in the wrong section of the forum...  I'm trying to open a PDF to use as a template for laying out a document to be printed, and when I open the PDF many of the elements on it seem to be missing.  Most of them, in fact. This is the PDF:  When it opens it only shows about four shapes - most of the shapes, and all of the lines/text are not visible.

Is it just not part of Scribus's functionality for this to open properly?  I've opened similar PDFs before that have worked well... is it just something incompatible about this one?  Can I make it work or do I just have to work around it?