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CGood, I agree that there's probably more good information in the forum threads than there is on the wiki. The main problem I have with the forum is that the good information can sometimes be secreted within other information. For instance, a really good tip to do with typography might be written as a quick aside amongst a discussion about outlining fonts. (That, and it can be very difficult for new users to find information as they don't know what keywords to search for.)

If there was someone who could monitor the posts and pick out the best bits to maintain a nice clean FAQ (or whatever, I don't want to get into a discussion about that sort of thing here) then that would probably be a good solution but - unless someone is going to pay someone else to do it - it's probably not going to happen. There are only about half a dozen really active "answerers" on this forum at any one time and they're probably too busy to scrape the relevant info' from the posts.

The Discourse web site has a big list of features and if the import process is rock solid - all the correct links/images are preserved, etc. - then the biggest effort involved (after the initial import) would be for the users getting used to the new interface, and that can be done safely in the Discourse web site demo sandbox.

All in all, I think moving to a new forum would be a good step in revitalising the Scribus "brand". A nice clean modern-looking forum might be a good way to entice people to try it and also, perhaps, be more active in the community.


--- Quote from: GarryP on February 10, 2017, 03:30:38 pm ---There are only about half a dozen really active "answerers" on this forum at any one time and they're probably too busy to scrape the relevant info' from the posts.

--- End quote ---

euh... i'm taking notes...

the goal is to create a set of not so long documents about specific topics...

: - )

I'm very glad to be proven wrong.

Just to add an extra ingredient to the mix, if the forum was going to go through such a big change, would it be an opportune moment to also move to https? I have no idea how much extra work that would be but I think it might help make users more comfortable (no worrying security icons/messages on their browser). Just a thought.

Does Discourse have a way to search for unanswered posts? I was doing a bit of clicking here to search for posts made but never answered, especially from newcomers, and have found quite a few.

I ask because Scribus needs a larger set of users, since some users, if they stay, will eventually make further contributions in some way. But Scribus has a learning curve, and I suspect it is easy to lose new users through frustration with being unable to get  something to work. This forum, wherever it may be hosted, is a chance to catch the new user as he is falling, and aside from solving that person's problem, we may be able to add another happier user.

But, if they ask questions here that fall through the cracks, then we can lose them. I find searches for recent unanswered posts clumsy as this forum is structured now.


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