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How can I find where a font is being used in my document?

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When I do a PDF export, the export window offers to Embed Nimbus Sans L and Nimbus Sans L Bold.  As far as I know, I did not use these in my document.  Is there a way to find where these fonts are being used in the document?

There's no easy way of seeing where fonts are used but you can try this trick.

* In "File -> Document Properties..." go to "Fonts" then scroll to a font you want to check for.
* Uncheck the "Use Font" icon for that font.
* Press "OK".
* Got to "Windows -> Preflight Verifier".

All of the frames which use the font you've told Scribus not to use should show an error saying "Glyphs mssing".

Once you've sorted things out don't forget to go back to "Fonts" and allow the font to be used again.

It's not perfect but it should do what you need.

Scribus consider fonts "in use" even if there is no text in the document using those fonts. The problem usually is a default font setting that is overridden everywhere in the document. Check the Documents settings and the Tools tab for default fonts.

Also check unused styles (especially the Default styles).

I opened up my SLA file in gedit and did a search font name.  I found a bunch of grouped items that I had deleted, but for some reason were still in the document.  I manually deleted them and everything seems to be OK now.

I'm glad you've managed to fix the issue but it shows that there could be a problem with deleting objects. I don't suppose you could replicate it could you? If so it would be a good one to raise a Mantis ticket for.


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