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No bridge at all with Microsoft products?

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I was considering using your software.

However, just like the person in the "discussion" tab of that wiki page, I found myself unable to import any document from Publisher or Word into Scribus (the reason is the same as that person: Once I converted the document to "sxw" format in Open Office, I don't have the option to "save it as sxd" or any OpenOffice draw format).

Therefore, I cannot open any Microsoft text format.

Is there an alternative solution?
If not, I find it dary to provide software that does not have a bridge to Microsoft.

hi jean

forget this .sxw format!
in ancient times this was the writer format from starOffice and openOffice. but since a couple of years openOffice saves in .odt format!


Jean, this forum topic might give you some extra help:,1083.0.html

Hello again, everybody.

Well, my immediate reflex (even before posting here) was to try using the ODT format. I thought "if that is the OpenOffice format, surely Scribus' politics will be to be able to open that format".

But the .odt format is not one of the available formats in Scribus' "Open" dialog window. Even after removing the files filter ( that is, selecting *.* ) and force-opening the .odt file, Scribus says "File XXX is not in the Scribus format".

Visual evidence hints me that Scribus is not designed to open .odt files.

hi jean

--- Quote from: jeancallisti on December 14, 2013, 06:11:22 pm ---…the .odt format is not one of the available formats in Scribus' "Open" dialog window…

…Scribus is not designed to open .odt files.
--- End quote ---
of course not! you can't open, edit or save .odt files with scribus – for this task you should use openOffice or libreOffice.
but you can import the text (formatted or unformatted) from an .odt file into a text frame (or a series of linked text frames).



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