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Hello friends,
I already have used Scribus for some commercial leaflets but now I need some advice for a more serious project.

I'm writing a mountain travel guide and making the layout with Scribus. When I have finished I want to try  publishing it by some of specialist publishers in this topic. The problem is that publishers can push yourself an specific page size that matches their collections. How I can format the scribus project, so that I can easily change the page format without rebuild  the entire project. The book is written in two columns with pictures, graphics,maps etc. intercalated.

Can you give me some advice.? Things like master-pages, guides etc.
Thanks in advance.


hi mentecuriosa

you'll have to move things manually. scribus doesn't auto rearrange your items to a pleasant look on the new page size – of course you may apply new master pages...
it's not a good idea to set up a layout before you know the page size!



Thanks utnic.

I feared that it wasn't a good idea to set up the layout before I know the final format.

I tested with master.pages, but theese does not work because you can not apply the size or page width or the columns  position that they are already written. I think master pages  are only useful for fixed headers, footers and page numbering.
Well, I think I only will give format  to a few chapters so that I can present them as an example of the final book.

Utnic thank you very much. Your help will save me a lot of work.