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I would consider using Scribus but need to first know if it will open Adobe InDesign files.  I have about 10 years worth of InDesign files and if I discontinue using ID in favor of Scribus, will I have any issues accessing those files in Scribus?




And the reason is that Adobe has not published the specifications for the format, so nobody can write an import filter for it.

So the fault is not with Scribus but with Adobe.


there will be some hope with scribus 1.6...

it will be able to read IDML files (indesign's export format) and importing of PDFs is getting better and better (but still no text import).

all in all, nermander is correct: if adobe forbids other projects to read their files, there is not much we can do...



That's good enough reason for me to start our new online journal in an open source environment and say later for all that with Adobe. Beside, the graphics reminds me of the world's best word processor, wordperfect!


does the scribus software will be able to export files in idml too?


Not AFAICT, It can export EPS files though.


1 Open the file you wish to export in Adobe InDesign.
2 Click the "File" option on the top navigation bar, then select "Save As."
3 Click the arrow next to the "Save as Type" drop-down list, then choose either the "PostScript (*.ps)" or "Encapsulated PostScript (*.eps)" option from the list.
4 Type a name for the newly exported file in the "File Name" input box, then click "Save." The document is converted to the PostScript or Encapsulated PostScript file type.
5 Open the file in Scribus for editing.


I've just installed Scribus, using OS X 10.9, and installed Ghostscript, and almost any .eps file I attempt to open within Scribus fails. The one that opened was pretty much garbage. Is that what I should expect?

I'm attempting to open InDesign files saved as .eps files.



I don't think Scribus can OPEN eps for editing, for that I would most likely use Inkscape.

Scribus can IMPORT eps though, either as native vectors or in an image frame.


You always can exit from InDesign in EPS format to edit in Scribus and go back in InDesign in EPS edited by Scribus having in mind the only handycap is must edit that page with Illustrator and not more directly with InDesign.


InDesign 6 exports files in IDD, IDML and EPS formats
Scribus opens correctly EPS files exported from InDesign and they can be edited vectorially.
Subsequently exported files in EPS or PDF format from Scribus can be imported InDesign 6.0 (command Insert in File menu)
IMPORTANT check these in the Import Options
1-Read OPI links
2-Apply Photoshop Clipping Path
3-Postscript RIP

Then set performance High Quality Display from 'contextual menu item if you want to view the real resolution.
Then selecting the object(the whole page), click the right mouse button and select in the contextual menu Edit Original, so you can edit the single elements vectorially with Illustrator.

I hope I was helpful.


If I have problematic eps, ps and pdf files I open them with gsview (ghost view) and then re-save the file as one of the afore mentioned file types, some programs add their own cruft into eps and pdf files and half the time this solution works...