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Hi, hoping someone would find this challenge to their liking and possibly offer their thoughts.  I'm looking for a strategy for possible automation here. Almost posted this in the script forum.

I have generated a word list of 450+ anagrams of a family member's full name in order to make an elegant poster of their name (large center foregound) along with the words generated from their name in background at varying font sizes using 4 paragraph styles (small, medium, large, huge). (19pt, 28, 36pt, 50pt possibly)

Two things:
1. I would love to have each word imported into separate text frames and later be able to apply one of 4 styles to selected frames.

2. If that is not possible, I am perfectly happy using one text frame with all of the words separated by a space.  However, I must also differentiate certain words in those 4 different styles.  When I do this with Story Editor, after I'm done assigning a style to each word, I obviously lose the chosen style when I begin replacing the paragraphs with spaces.

If I simply assign NOSTYLE and change only the font size, I end up with strange carriage returns in the text frame.

See attached .PNG screenshots.

BY THE WAY, I WILL be removing the questionable words from the list you may see.

Any thoughts on this are greatly appreciated.
I'm using Scribus on Ubuntu 10.04

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I'm not sure if this python library might take you some of the way ...

generates a word cloud which you might be able to import as png images into into scribus imageframe(s)


hi docZ,

importing each word in a separate frame won't probably work well.

but what you can do is load the text in a python script and fill one frame with the words and apply to each word a different text size.

if you want to change the sizes, just clear and reimport the text.

for now, character styles are not supported by the scripter... otherwise this would also be an option.

ask further if your need more hints.


Thanks dragonfly and a.l.e,

dragonfly, the word cloud and library are great options.  Very cool.  I didn't know they existed.  That opens up a whole new avenue.

a.l.e, Yeah I had tested applying the character styles in OpenOffice and getting formatted text into Scribus with no joy.

So far I've made further layout progress in OpenOffice but really want to make use of Scribus' native CMS and transparency.

I could export OpenOffice batches to PDF I suppose and import to Scribus.  Good thing is, best I can tell in my tests is that the imported PDF retains its vectors and isn't rasterized at all when I export final from Scribus.  I thought there was a time awhile back it became a raster but's been awhile since I did this stuff.

I messed with Inkscape as well, and began running out of time.

So many tools, such little know-how.

I have GOT to learn this scripting stuff.

Due to time requirements, my poster sadly may get turned into a card this round. I had the anagram idea at the last minute.

Thanks both of you.  I may chime up again at a later time on this.