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Quote from: Bob P on May 04, 2011, 07:47:10 PM
I find the folder where all Bookbinder files are stored and find the file I want to print. Right clicking the file tells me it will open in Adobe Reader (default) with the opportunity to change it to a program of my choice.
Yes, since Bookbinder creates a PDF (or several, depending on the settings) this is logical. Why don't you open the PDF in Adobe Reader and print it??
I tried to open it in Word and Word crashed.
Word can not open PDF...
I tried sending it to PDFill, a PDF writer which I have on my computer but when the file opened in PDFill it had that diagonal text on it which one finds frequently in trial programs.
Isn't PDFill intended to create a PDF? If you already have a PDF, why try to open it with PDFill??

What is it you are trying to do with the PDF created by Bookbinder? I thought you wanted to print it??

Bob P

If the free version of PDF-Xchange will work on this I will download it and give it a try. I am even willing to learn how to do Command Line if someone will walk me through it.

Since I posted the above, I downloaded PDF Xchange Viewer and tried it. Although it seems to be a good viewer, the results I get are the same as I got with Adobe Reader. Perhaps I will try another reader.

I don't believe the problem lies with Scribus and I don't believe there is a problrm with Bookbinder. The problem IMO is with the PDF Reader, my printer or a combination of the two.

My Canon printer has settings for printing Booklet. I have tried using these settings and keeping PDF Reader simple. (I used none for Page Scaling). It did not work. I tried settings for simple printing on my printer and Booklet printing in PDF Xchange and still unsatisfactory results. When I say unsatisfactory results I mean that my pages are shrunk producing abnormally large margins and narrower width of text body.

When you look at the document in the preview window of the PDF Reader, you can see the outline of the margin that is added.

What I need is software that will allow me to print the file/files produced by Bookbinder without allowing additional margins.

Looks like I'm going to somehow learn Command Line so that I can try Multivalent.

Any more suggestions, guys?



Multivalent is not what you would use to print the PDF, it was suggested as an imposition tool instead of Bookbinder.

I would try a systematic approach to find the error.

Create a document in Scribus with just square boxes on the pages. Make sure you know the size and placement of the boxes.

Create a PDF (with one page per page).

Print that PDF and using a ruler measure to see whether the pages were scaled. If the pages are scaled here the problem is in the PDF viewer or printer (or printer driver). Try different viewers, try different printers (for example bring the PDF to a friend who has another printer).

If the pages are not scaled in that PDF, impose it to a booklet PDF and print that one. Again, bring out the ruler and measure the location and size of the boxes. If the pages get incorrectly scaled the problem is in the imposition software. Try different settings and different programs.