can I set up a Newspaper?

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I'm new to Scribus. I've know it, because I need a typesetting to set up a newspaper.
after download it I've seen that the max paper that I set up is A3.
Can I use a personal dimension?

and so, I can typeset more pages of it, I'm wondering can I set a link from an article of first page to an article of sequent pages?

Thank you



It is possible to define custom page size when creating a new document, you can also change size of individual pages.

Scribus has support for linked text frames, but as far as I know there is no automatic "Continued on page X".


welcome to scribus!

yes, you can add further page sizes in

"file > preferences > page sizes"

or -- if the specific size is not in there -- when you create a file you can pick "custom" as a size and define the exact measurements.