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I have evaluated the MonthlyCalendar script and find it extremely useful. I'll use it for my calendar production (photo calendar A4 vertical). I have another type of calendar I'd like to make but the script doesn't fit this purpose.
I want to print A3 calendars (horizontal) where the days are ...
       1.) in a single line at the bottom of the page
       2.) in a single column at the left side of the page, and there should be a line of about 8cm (+/-) length to make a little note.
If holidays and moonphases could be included this would be gold standard for me. ;) .

Regrettably I have not programmed for some years - and no experience in python. So I hope to find a solution 'the easy way'. Is there something available You know about or will I have to modify a calendar script? What I'd like to avoid is to look for a PDF-calendarium 'somewhere in the net' every year and modify it using a lot of time. This 'lot of time' I'd prefer to invest in re-learning programming ...

Hope there is something useful out there.

Thanks for Your time, reading and - maybe - answering.

Best regards


In the meantime I have programmed the desired solution.

It works like intended. I have added the functionality to start calendar creation at any desired month (f.ex. to make a calendar starting Juli 2023 until June 2024). Still there are some restrictions (only DIN A3 landscape orientation and no good input routine) so some work still has to be done.
If someone is interested I'll post my solution here when it's 'presentable'.



Hi! Sorry it's a little bit late but I hope you will get my reply: Is it possible to know how to access the functionality you developed?