Can I amend or create a new Document Layout?

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I want to create a brochure in an unusual format: a 12-page, concertina/accordion folded document (also called zig-zag or z-fold). So it's basically a long, 2-sided document folded into 6 pages on each side. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, this might help

I can see the "4-fold" document layout in Scribus (which is actually 3 folds and 4 pages each side), and I want to add 2 pages to the layout to make 6 pages each side. Is there a way I amend this layout, or create a new layout, to do that?

Thanks for any help you can offer  :)


The layouts in  Scribus only governs how individual pages are placed on the screen, to give a "preview" of what the final document will look. Unless you intend to create each page as a separate page and later impose them into the final document you are going to print, this is not what you want.

Just make a 2-page document of the size you intend to print and then use guides to define the pane borders. I would start by setting guides where the folds are supposed to be, and then guides offset from them to where the margins are supposed to be. There are features for dividing a page evenly with a number of guides instead of having to calculate the measurements manually.