Images not editing on DriveThruRPG format

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I'm trying to format pages for drivethrurpg publishing.

When I use Scribus on the latest MacOS or on Windows Vista, I can insert an image frame, drag in the image, and right click to get the menu that allows fitting that image to the frame. Good.

However, when I use the formats provided by drivethrurpg, the image gets unmodifiable it seems and Windows doesn't bring up that image editing menu any more. I tried on Mac, but I can't even insert an image frame at all there.

Any idea what's going on? I prefer to work in Windows if possible. Do I need to rebuild the Drivethru format myself in a new file (might be hard for me because I don't know scribus)? Is there just a setting somewhere I need to touch?


Scribus is a tool for generating print ready PDFs - it can reference and import multiple image type. A PDF can be imported as an image - but if it's multi-page you just get the 1st page. Scribus can also open a PDF as an editable scribus document - but it's somewhat sketchy as what you get depends on the tool that generated the PDF.

What do you mean by "DriveThruRPG formats"?
.. I can see lists lots of formats - including PDFs ..
.. but you're trying to import something from DriveThruRPG?