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I make photoalbums with Scribus. Now, after a lot of work for the 4th photoalbum, Scribus is not opening, while half an hour ago everything worked fine. I tried to re-install, but the same problem occurs.

I am not good with installing, so I can not figure out the problem myself. When I open Scribus 1.4.8 the 'new document' frame opens. When I try to make new document or toe reopen old documents, nothing happens (only that in the task bar below Scribus 1.4.8 is said to be opened). But nothing happens. 


hi erik

the main window of scribus might be dislocated (set to display outside of your screen area). unfortunately this happens sometimes. the position is stored in a file named 'scribus140.rc'. the path to this file depends on the operating system. on my machine (macOS) it is 'users' → (my user name) → 'library' → 'preferences' → 'scribus' → 'scribus140.rc'.
if you can locate this file on your computer, (quit scribus first, if it is running,) open it with a simple text editor and search for a line beginning with '<MainWindow' and set 'XPosition="0"' and 'YPosition="20"' (to allow for an os menubar...) if there is a setting for a screen number other than '0', change it to '0'. save the file and open scribus.

good luck