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Pexim SLani

I'm an old Scribus user and yesterday I ran into the problem I can not solve.

I have single Text frame (with 8 rows of text) and I'm trying to insert 5 different hyperlinks.

What I've tried is, to select a text and then to apply hyperlink, but there is no option for doing that  :(

All I can do is to add Hyperlink to a whole text frame.

I searched YouTube for help, and I found out that InDesign has such an option while selecting a word or text, right click and there is an option "Hyperlink".

Can we expect such an option in future version of Scribus?

pls watch the video: https://youtu.be/HUx7H0G1RtA


I'm just returning to review Scribus, searching through the forum for topics related to my planned workflow for producing interactive documents (web site target). 
I do see your point that hyperlinks cannot be embedded in textframe. But then it is text not html.
My immediate thought for a workaround is to use layers to overlay over text frame (or replace textframe) a render frame containing svg object with hyperlinks as discussed here:

BoxySVG is a handy tool (on Ubuntu) for creating SVG objects but there is also Inkscape.