how to best navigate/edit group content without ungrouping

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I want to edit the content of a group (and a group within it) without ungrouping them. What's the fastest option ?

For now I use the outline mode but it takes a lot of clicks to navigate to the right element, + it requires to move my mouse away from canvas which is not efficient, and keep outline view open which clutters my small desktop.

I've read about ALT+double click but that seems to have no effect on my Scribus 1.5.5 on Xubuntu.

Any suggestion ?

On that topic I quite like the ?Inkscape? small status bar element that displays the 2-3 ancestors of current element for you to click on if you want to quickly get "out" of a group to a specific parent encapsulation level... just ideas.

thanks !



first, make sure that your version of scribus does not contain bugs with the editing of items in a group (at least test that the actions you want to perform are bug free... the current 1.5.6svn should work correctly)

there are a few more things that might be relevant

- alt-click does indeed select an item inside of a group;
- alt-double-clicking should select and enter the item edit mode. depending on you system, your hand and your mouse it might be easier or harder to do.
- the alternative is to alt-click and then press the "e" key (for edit)
- a further alternative is to click on the group with the mouse and then select the item inside of the group in the outline (the group will be pre-selected)
- finally, make sure that your DE/WM does not use the alt key for window management but uses the WIN key (the SUPER-L key)! ... this is a must have when doing graphics on linux (


Thanks a.l.e,
The ALT > SUPER setting in XFCE did the trick, I can now navigate groups without resorting to outline window most of the time.
Very useful, thanks.


while testing your issue, i noticed that the ctrl key does not cycle through the item in  the group.

i've written a ticket and jean fixed it last night : - )

even more comfort in the future (as soon as you switch to 1.5.6)