generating a pdf of a book mock up with 2 pages spread facing each other

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this question has already been asked but i try my chance again.

i would like a pdf where you turn pages like a book and see two facing pages at the same time (like digital magazines sometimes).

This idea is to show a photography book with a consistency between facing pages .

Today in scribus with the preview i can perfectly see that but when i export as pdf the resulting document just shows pages one after the other.

Can you help me to solve this problem ?


You will likely have to imposition the pages after export from Scribus. Scribus exports page by page.

The poor man solution is to use 2-up printing from a PDF viewer to print to another PDF, but there are also a lot if impositioning tools out there.


thank you for your answer. Not sure i understand well but thanx anyway


sometime printers will print in want your layout in "Reader View" or "printer Spread" reader view is easiest to deal with as its just single pages for me as I am a hack at DTP even though I have been doing this a long time is to layout my book in paper first numbering the pages front to back then copying that into Scribus.



What is your end goal for the project? Digital viewing or having the book printed?  If it is digital viewing, the problem is not with Scribus, it would be the pdf viewers and you would have to search for reader spreads.  If it is printed, then you will need to look up printer spreads and/or imposition of pdf files.  If you would clarify further I might have some suggestions for you.





I'm in the same case so I give you the solution we've found with my partner.

I was thinking Scribus can do that in native so I did the imposition of my pages.
I used pdfnup to have spreads pages.

If your document are not imposed, you can use pdfbook.

Here a screenshot of my terminal.

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This issue, I believe, has entirely to do with the configuration of the PDF reader,
and nothing whatever to do with Scribus.

I am using Foxit reader mostly, and it has a View menu which gives options for
viewing single pages, single pages scrollable, and double pages beginning with
either a right or a left page. When I export PDFs from Scribus, they always show
up in Foxit reader by default as single unscrollable pages, and I have to set them
to open as facing pages with a right page starting, requiring two clicks. After that
Foxit remembers the setting for that PDF file.

Scribus's two-page layout on facing pages, with right and left master pages has
been working very well for me and I haven't had any problems except the page
number print issue which I have worked around. However, the deal is that Scribus
still exports the pages one at a time. They are correctly printed for right and left
pages, but the PDF viewer just sees one page at a time, and it is perfectly possible
to view the two-page spread reversed by changing the setting in the viewer.
In other words, Scribus's two-page spread only gives you a right and left layout on the
pages; it appears that it cannot, or does not, actually tell the PDF viewer how to view the page.

Of course there is a setting in Scribus's PDF output dialogue where you can instruct
the Viewer to view the file as single page, double page right, or double left,
but it doesn't appear to me that it works. At least Foxit doesn't see it.
PDF readers may be different.
I am using Scribus 1.5.2.