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Hi, I have just started using Scribus, and learning things through documentations and Video Tutorials.

I want to make use of two oddball things in scribus.
1) Indic texts i.e. Devanagari script
2) Mathematical Formulas.

I have installed Scribus latest Development Version i.e. 1.5.5 and Ghostscript.
For input I have Hindi language keyboard from Windows. Currently I am typing and only white blocks are shown. I think It may be related to font, What I need to get it right.

For Math, I looked here, it said that it can be done using Render frame and Latex. But full step wise tutorials are nowhere.
If I figure it out I will make complete tutorials for these two thing and contribute that to the scribus wiki.

Please Direct me what additional Things I need to install for using Latex etc and renderframe.



Hi, I'm able to work or renderframe from by installing my MikTex.