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I'm working on a project in Scribus and I would like to share it between some of my colleagues - we all work on it (though I do the main chunk of the work).
After some consideration I thought it might be ideal to use GitHub for this - so anyone can work locally and just push it into the shared folder. But when I tested some stuff I realised everyone would have a different path to the folder in which they keep their local copy of the repository (I'm not sure I'm using the right terms - I'm pretty new to Git myself). And there the problem arises - images in scribus (as of my understanding and my small tests consisting of renaming my folders :D) are saved in an exact path - meaning scribus knows its supposed to find the image as C:\Users\Lavialee\Desktop\Your_thing\Images\this_image; and doesn't search for it as ../Images/this_image.
So since the other ones would have the image "elsewhere" scribus couldn't see it...
Am I wrong (it would really help if I was :D)? Does anyone have experience with sharing Scribus through GIT?
Thanks for any answers! I'll try to make it work in the meanwhile :D


Nevermind! I figured it out - turns out i was wrong (thankfully), it works as long as the RELATIVE position od the files stays the same - I guess github sharing should work just fine. Excited to get to work.
I thought I'd leave this here in case anyone had the same question


yes, it would be good to have scribus to play well with documents that are stored in a git repository!

for this, the biggest step is to to force it to store all the path to images as relative paths (and refuse to store paths that cannot be saved in a relative way).

for a long time, i've tried to promote the idea that scribus could have some sort of "project mode" where it makes sure that all the images are in sub directories of the .sla file.

meanwhile, i've noticed that in scribus 1.5 most images are stored as relative paths anyway.
so, i guess that it would be not that hard to change the save command to make sure that all images are stored as relative links and that the save process fails otherwise.

i would be read to check if this is as easy as i think to program... but one of my first questions: how should the user ask scribus to only use relative paths?
probably, in the document settings... but where?


and, yes, as you have noticed, scribus mostly saves the images with relative paths.

i have several documents on github and i think it's mostly fine...