Creating a short manual on PDF creation and printing

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having read TSRAlex thread in this board,2243.msg10260.htm

i've taken some more notes about the PDF creation and printing with scribus:
(some of you will recognize citations of their contributions in this forum and on other platforms)

scrolling through it, i've noticed that the "notes" file has grown big enough and it might be time to create a short manual from it.

does anybody want to join the effort?

my idea is

- find two to four people who want to join me.
  (writing the chapters in different languages and getting them translated to english is an option)
- define a day (possibly during the weekend) when we could virtually (or physically for some?) meet.
- starting the day by defining a table of contents (max 1 hour!).
- and define which chapters can be written based on the notes, which ones can otherwise be written during the day and which ones are to be defined as "to be done".
- write the manual in markdown format; with screenshots (we could have a person who is in charge of doing the screenshot).
- after one day of work, the manual should be "ready" and a first html version online.


- use a collaborative platform ( , ?) to create the chapters / have an overview what other people are doing.
- invite a sprint facilitator?

the main goal:

- write a short manual (max 20-30 A4 pages?),
- focusing on one aspects of the scribus usage,
- that is easy to update,
- that is easy to translate.

anybody wants to contribute?


BTW, I don't see such a workshop to happen before January...