How many images does my document contain/link to?

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May be I'm missing something, but can I see somewhere how many images are linked to from my Scribus document? I suppose I can open the scribus file and search for the folder name they are contained in, but is there a less hackery way?


extras > manage images...

but you still have to count...


I see, so opening the file in a text editor is the way to go indeed. I can't count 200+ images in the image manager without having to start over multiple times because the phone rings or whatever reason you get mixed up.


well, if you know what a text editor is... you might also want to have a look at the scripter.

F1... developer things... and so on...

if you know some python you get and tweak to count the images for you.
it won't be faster than manually count them (for the first time) but funnier :-)

the script must be run inside of scribus...


Sorry, no manual is installed!
Please see: for updated documentation for downloads


Quote from: a.l.e on May 23, 2016, 10:12:40 AM
if you know some python you get and tweak to count the images for you.

Bummer. Just ran this script and now have to force quit Scribus, because the pop up message box "Finished" can't be closed and blocks everything. :(


... remove the message box :-)
(no idea what the issue is... i did not write that script)

for the docs: you will have to enable the non-free documentation in your package manager.

the team has migrated part of the docs to the wiki, but the part for developers has -- afaik -- not been copied.

the documentation is in svn...

so, if you get the svn code, you can then browse to Scribus/scribus/doc/en and you will a bunch of html files called scripterapi*.html that you can browse with a browser...

something like svn co svn:// scribus-api-doc should fetch the html files for you...

yes, i know, it's a pain :-(