On-screen layout not matching Avery cardstock

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I am trying to design business cards, I'm running into a strange alignment issue.  I **KNOW** I have guides set to match the seams in Avery 8731 Business card stock, but when I print, the alignment is off by roughly 1/8" up and to the left(and this is AFTER carefully making sure the stock is not floating around the paper tray.  This is happening with Scribus version 1.4.4 on windows 7, printed using a Canon MG5400(5420?).  Anyone have suggestions(other than adjusting the margin to match what the printer is spitting out)?


are you printing from scribus?
generate a .pdf file first. if the alignement is still wrong, i bet it's something with the printer driver – but you can check the file...



First thing I do when doing stuff like that is I create a PDF with a border 20 mm from all sides. I then print that PDF and use a ruler to measure the margins.