creating a scripts repository and a script downloader

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during the second part of this week, i'll be at the

and i'll be working on a script downloader for

since the new scripter currently does not run, i'll be creating python / pyqt program that will be listing and downloading scripts from the same github repository mentioned above.

it should be easy to get that script to run inside of scribus, once scribus itself will be ready.

the plan is to:
- define a metadata file for each script (directory) and (possibly) one for the full repository
- define and create dialogs for managing the (list of ) repository(ies) and the local storage.
- write the code that downloads the scripts (through http or git?),
- and to detect which scripts should be updated.

you're welcome to participate by joining me in zurich or by contributing your ideas in the README in the newly created (and still empty for now)

by writing and commenting tickets in

(this ticket already being about the metadata)

... or by being around in the #scribus irc channel on freenode (between 10:00 and 18:00 CETS).

and, of course, the most welcome contribution is code and pyqt skills!

see you soon